PCB Design Options

Premium Full Hand-Routing (Customer Participation)  

Our premium design option generates the fewest layers and  lowest manufacturing cost – especially valuable for your long production runs.

While this approach requires a more intense board design effort, the result is a printed circuit board that costs less to fabricate and assemble. This process is especially appropriate for layout-sensitive designs such as RF, high-speed boards and the like, or where a high degree of optimization is required – lowest layer count and greatest component density.

What’s more, premium full hand-routing also makes engineering change orders faster and easier for you.

When you contact us, your customer advocate will respond within one working day to provide you with pricing and scheduling information on our premium full hand-routing service.

Standard Board Design (Guided Auto-Routing) for Greater Value

Guided auto-routing, with much of the initial work performed by the auto-router, generates circuit boards that lend themselves well to manufacturing. When only a few boards are needed, and engineering change orders are unlikely, our standard board design option is often the most economical choice.

Custom-designed Prototypes

 Simulation packages are more powerful today than ever before, but with extremely complex or miniaturized circuits, simulation may not be enough…and hand-wired breadboards are impractical.

 For these times, we’ll create a custom, professionally built prototype of your entire board or any critical sections you wish to test.

 With our prewired Custom-Design Prototype (CPB1), your design is placed in one section of the board, with a multitude of test points, removable jumpers and free prototyping areas to allow you to test your design and experiment with modifications.

 If you prefer, our unwired Custom-Design Prototype (CPB2) provides pads surrounding each mounted component with plenty of room for hand-wiring.

 Your unwired prototype includes provisions for wiring and rewiring right on the circuit board. You can then lay out your final prototype and send it to us so that we can build it and assemble the components for it.

 Whether you select our prewired or unwired prototype, you have the confidence that the board will be fabricated and properly assembled providing you with a stable platform for high-reliability testing and experimenting.

 Reliability and Cost Savings Too

Moreover, if you then choose us for your production boards, we will reduce the price to reflect the cost savings associated with designing a board where a prototype version has already been created and fully tested.

Prototypes From Your Design (PFYD)

As part of our Tech - In - A - Box program, we’ll create a stable, professionally built prototype for you from your own board layout for testing,revising or experimenting with a new design.

 Our prototypes exceed anything that can be hand-wired by your technicians in terms of reliability. These boards are delivered fully assembled with all components attached so that you can test your designs without the artifacts typical of hand-built test circuits – such as intermittent shorts and cold solder joints.

 If you prefer, we are  happy to lay out your board for you as well.

To get started, contact Bill Gately tel. (508) 612-3341 or email