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When you need a flexible solution, Mass Design delivers.

“General and commercial aviation, as well as defense and medical equipment depend increasingly on flexible ciruitry as instrumentation increases in capability and decreases in size. Just a few years ago, we could have only dreamed of thepersonal jet.  In healthcare, patients are now being sent home with small monitoring devices that are sophisticated yet easy to use – all of which depend on the miniaturization, reliability and durability of the latest in flexible circuitry.”


Convenience and Value

All your design, fabrication and testing is done right here at Mass Design’s 72,000-square-foot integrated manufacturing facility in Nashua, NH, for efficiency, cost-savings and the quickest turnaround times in the industry.


High Reliability Applications

Mass Designs unique multi-layer construction is most robust for high reliability for plated holes and/or flexibility within a type 3 flex circuit with FR4 stiffeners. This stack is primarily use within the Military, Aerospace and Harsh ROHS environments.


Laminate Options

We offer quality laminates for all applications using primarily adhesiveless (no acrylic) flex materials that give the customer the best quality for plated through holes and mechanical stability. We also produce acrylic-based laminates for higher volume projects that are less sensitive to harsh environments.


Let Mass Design bid on your next job. You’ll see how flexible we can be.

Contact Bill Gately Flex Circuit at (603) 886-6460 X 102 to discuss yourrequirements, lead times and pricing, or email Bill at bgately@massdesign.com.

Mass Design certifications include ISO9001: 2008 Certified, ISO 13485 (medical): 2003 Certified, UL796. Registered and DDTC Certified.

For a quote within 24 hours on your next PCB Job contact:

Bill Gately, sales manager at (603) 886-6460 ext. 102, email bgately@massdesign.com or our in-house sales team sales@massdesign.com

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