Mass Design Announces High Frequency/High Speed Material Processing

Nashua, NH: Mass Design, a leading PCB provider and integrated manufacturer, has announced the addition of process enhancements and manufacturing optimizations to facilitate the manufacture and assembly of high frequency PCB materials such as Rogers Corp 3000/6000 Series based ceramic filled PTFE and 4000 Series hydrocarbon ceramic products, and similar materials from Taconic and Arlon

These high performance PCB materials provide optimal performance in high frequency/high signal integrity applications such as precision instrumentation, telecommunications, and wireless devices, and as such, require a higher level of manufacturing precision and process engineering experience above that of conventional laminate and substrate materials to assure consistent quality and final yield.

Mass Design's experienced process engineers can assist customers in achieving their specific performance criteria with these high performance materials and enable them to optimize their final products without expensive redesigns. The combined strengths of their design experience and multi-material process capabilities sets Mass Design apart from the competition.