Mass Design's Tony Bourassa on the Future of the PCB Industry

"At the prototype level, it takes a lot of communication to get a printed circuit board up and running. Our ability to get everyone talking to each other - from engineering and design through testing - enables us to solve the problems before going into production."


Tony Bourassa and Paul Boduch cofounders of Mass Design

When Tony Bourassa and Paul Boduch founded Mass Design 25 years ago, they combined their expertise. Tony brought his knowledge of PCB design, Paul brought his knowledge of PCB fabrication processes. The two partners quickly found their niche - offering customers a rare blend of services: design, fabrication and assembly - all done in a single, 75,000 square-foot technology center in Nashua, New Hampshire, just north of Boston.

Tony was recently interviewed at the IPC APEX EXPO by Joe Fjelsten. To see a video of Tony's insights into the PCB industry and Mass Design's future please visit:

“We are really connected - from the engineer through all levels of design, fabrication and assembly under one roof in Nashua, New Hampshire. We have the ability to design and build as few as five or 25 boards and as many as 2,500 or more.”

”We try to stay on the technological edge in both fabrication and assembly. We’re fabricating boards with 3-mil line width and up to 24 layers. When it comes to assembly, we’re employing Mydata machines with full vision and we’re able to place micro BGAs (ball grid arrays) and 0201 components”

“We’ve been manufacturing flexible circuit boards for the military and civilian industries and medical product companies like Siemens, Nova Biomedical, GE Healthcare, Baxter, Tyco and others for over a decade. Flex is a big part of where our industry is going and we’re keeping our eye on the future.”
— Real Time Interview with Mass Design Founder Tony Bourassa