Why Mass Design

How Integrated PCB Manufacturing Benefits You
“Whether you need as few as five or 25 boards or as many as 2,500 or more, Mass Design delivers quick turnaround and high reliability.”
                         Tony Bourassa, Mass Design President and Co-Founder

 For a quarter of a century, we have been designing high-reliability printed circuit boards for critical applications that can be manufactured cost-effectively by a diverse customer base that includes Fortune 500 companies, the Department of Defense, start-ups, OEMs and contract manufacturers.

We’re known for producing circuit boards used in products requiring short production runs and extreme high reliability.
The company we’ve created designs, fabricates and assembles PCBs in our ownDiscussions at every step of the process at Mass Design 72,000-square-foot building in Nashua, NH, where everyone on the Mass Design team works in close proximity. It means everyone involved gets immediate feedback throughout every step of the design/build process.
For example, our CAM engineers provide immediate feedback to our design staff. Our assembly staff typically reviews designs before they are finished, to make sure they can be efficiently manufactured using automated equipment.

Preproduction Checks

Our prototype evaluation system provides the engineering department with feedback that allows us to modify designs before they go to volume production.
We simplify the paperwork for you as well. With our integrated approach, you need only a single purchase order, handoff to fabrication is quicker, component procurement is done earlier in the process and less of your time is needed to manage the process. Integrated manufacturing means higher reliability and lower cost for you. 

We’re with you every step of the way

Were with you very step of the way, Mass DesignCustomers who rely on us for one or two services also benefit from our integrated manufacturing approach that includes offering suggestions and rechecking items every step of the way:

  •   Changes in stackups
  •   Pallet sizes
  •   Math calculations for impedance
  •   Finishes/Material types.

Our broad range of clients ensures that we understand your need for custom electronics manufacturing. For example, the industries we serve include:

Medical Systems Quality control at Mass Design 
Environmental Control Systems 


Our clients are world leaders in their respective industries. Siemens, Nova Biomedical, GE Healthcare, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Boeing, Martin Marietta, Draper Labs, Honda and Bose are just a few of the companies that rely on Mass Design’s expertise, quality and reliability. 

Your Customer Care Center

From the very beginning, each design is assigned to your own Mass Design Customer Advocate (CA), who supervises your project throughout the production cycle to ensure that it is done well and to the highest standards.

Your Customer Care Center – It’s like having your own manager in our facility overseeing every step of your job.

From PCB design services to flexible fabrication and assembly services, our people work with you.

Your Customer Advocate Team

Larry Trinceri, Mass DesignLARRY TRINCERI(603) 886-6460 X 102
Gretchen FarlandGRETCHEN FARLAND (603) 886-6460 X 119
Marilou Kuffner, Mass DesignMARILOU KUFFNER (603) 886-6460 X 214
BILL GATELY (508) 612-3341

David Farmer is on Mass Designs Customer Advocate Team

DAVID FARMER (603) 886-6460 X 214

For details, tel. (508) 612-3341 or email Bill Gately at bgately@massdesign.com