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Biomed Devices Depend on Flex

Mass Design is at Recent Biomed Device Show in Boston, Bill Gately, (l) and James Mahoney.

Mass Design with Bill Miller of Manta

Mass Design has been manufacturing flexible circuit boards for medical technology companies such as Siemens, Nova Biomedical, GE Healthcare, Tyco Baxter, and others for over a decade. "Demand for our flexible circuit boards continues to grow; we see record growth of 18% from the medical electronics sector – diagnostic and monitoring equipment, surgical tools and both implantable and non-implantable medical devices,"  Bill Gately, sales manager, Mass Design. Gately (l) and James Mahoney, applications engineer,  Mass Design's Flex and Rigid/Flex Division at the MDM Biomed Device show,  Boston.

Mass Design at Biomed Device Show





Integrated Manufacturing Benefits

"At the prototype level, it takes a lot of communication to get a printed circuit board up and running. That's where integrated manufacturing comes in. We get everyone talking to each other - from engineering and design through testing, we solve problems before going into production."


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