Mass Design PCBS found in Medical Equipment

                                            Our Fabrication Services

“From concept, to design, to prototype to testing and fabrication you can count on Mass Design. We've earned a reputation that puts us at the forefront of high quality, high-reliability rigid, rigid/flex and flex circuit board design and manufacturing.” 
  Bill Gately, Sales Manager

Mass Design is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 (medical) company recognized for building quality printed circuit boards for customers who value manufacturability, reliability and timely delivery.

Quick turn orders are delivered in one to five days.

Before we begin fabrication, we conduct a complete design analysis of all prototypes and production boards utilizing our Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) review to eliminate possible errors and ensure that your PCB boards are fabricated correctly the first time, cutting your time to market to the minimum.

These are among the PCB Product Options available to you

   High temperature boards

   Blind and buried micro vias

   Conductive and nonconductive filled vias

   Controlled Impedance technocron

   Single-sided, double-sided, multilayer with up to 26 layers

    Flex and Rigid Flex Boards 

   Our wide choice of materials       

   Copper PCB BoardFR-4 Tg 140

   FR-4 Tg 170

   FR-4 Tg180

  ROHS Compliant


  Nelco 4000-13




  Ceramic filled laminate

  Aluminum clad laminates

  Lead & lead-free finishes

       In addition…

If you need a board that falls outside of these parameters, simply send the Gerber files to sales@massdesign.com and we’ll meet your specifications.

Rigid and Flex PCB Fabrication Capability Summary

         Low-Medium Volume ManufacturingRound PCB Board Green

         First Pass Yield Driven Company

         Technology Road Map Revolving

         UL: Approved      

         100% Electrical Test Capabilities